At our little orchard in Somerset we regularly run sweat lodges and song circles. A sweat lodge, or temezcal as it is known in South America, is an ancient rite of purifaction. Rocks are heated on the fire and then brought into the lodge where water is poured on them, whilst we sing and pray together in the dark. I’m extremely grateful to have received the blessing to hold temezcals from Carmen Vicente, chief of the Red Path in Ecuador after completion of my vision quest in 2016. A sweat lodge is a very beautiful and powerful ceremony and many find it to have a healing effect. I am delighted and honoured to be able to extend a very warm welcome to all. We hold both mixed and men’s sweats and we have a great team to take care of things. If you feel that you might like to join us sometime for a sweat lodge or song circle then please feel free to get in touch here and I’ll put you on the mailing list. 

For all our relations, aho mitakuye oyasin