Sunny Davidson is a singer, songwriter, song carrier and multi instrumentalist based in the vale of Avalon (Glastonbury, UK). His music is inspired by the traditions of the indigenous peoples and roots music of the world. He developed a burning passion for music at a young age; his dad has always been an avid appreciator of music whose enthusiasm for the guitar greatly influenced him. His journey as a musician began in earnest at eleven years old with the drums. This rhythmical approach remained very important as he branched out, exploring melody and harmony, picking up the guitar couple of years later, mandolin a few years after that and eventually bass too. He has played in a multitude of bands over the years such as Celtech and Dragonsfly amongst others and explored various genres from Celtic folk and world music to roots reggae and more, gigging across Europe and the Middle East.
Sunny’s journey as a singer has been part of a deeply transformational process; he’d always enjoyed singing but his relationship with his voice deepened in his late teens, after attending a week long healing voice retreat led by Jill Purce. He sang in bands for a while but stopped for for some years in order to focus exclusively on instrumental music until an extraordinary healing journey working with the sacred fire in the Native American tradition unfolded for him. This caused him to rekindle his relationship with song in earnest.
Connecting with the sacred designs of Turtle Island and with inspiring teachers, both from South America and The Blessed Isles (UK) led him to truly understand the power of lifting up our voices in song to give thanks and ask for guidance, no matter how we might judge our vocal abilities. He came to find that sharing a song from the heart, in a tipi, round a fire, with an intimate group of people, accompanied by drum and rattle, was a profound way to explore new inner depths through the power of song and he has drawn a lot of inspiration from this journey. 
It’s the understanding derived from working with the four elements in a sacred way that has become his greatest teacher. It’s this that now gives a sense of purpose to his songs and the interrelatedness of all of nature is a recurring theme. Sunny feels a deep sense of gratitude to his teachers and to all those who’ve ever shared a song round the sacred fire.


Sunny’s is currently working on recording his songs and will be releasing them one by one.
 It’s Sunny’s conviction that through lifting up our voices together in song we can make this world a better place.